Answer to Wordle Today #433, Friday, August 26

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Answer to Wordle Today #433, Friday, August 26: Today’s Wordle solution is another rather simple one, at least for those of you who are fortunate in your selection of the finest Wordle start words.

According to the New York Times’ WordleBot programme, users are answering it in 3.7 guesses on average, which is slightly higher than yesterday’s problem but still significantly below the standard. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find any advice useful; after all, a Wordle failure is only six guesses away.

I’ve completed every Wordle and only lost once, so I have plenty of Wordle tips and tricks to share. I’ve also gone through each Wordle solution to look for patterns and have some additional suggestions for you there.

I’ll be updating this blog every day with strategies to help you locate today’s Wordle answer. If the tips aren’t enough, I’ll even give you the solution in case you get stuck or don’t have time to finish today’s puzzle. In case you’re viewing this in a different time zone, I’ve also included my analysis of yesterday’s puzzle, #432.

So be warned: spoilers for game #433 follow. Only continue reading if you want to find out today’s Wordle answer!

Answer to Wordle Today #433 — HINTS TO HELP YOU SOLVE IT

My first piece of advice is to use one of the top Wordle start words for each game you play. If you want more particular clues to today’s Wordle answer, here they are:

  • It contains two vowels*
  • It has no repeated letters
  • It ends with a very common ending letter

* By vowel I’m meaning A, E, I, O, U. There are other letters that are sometimes considered to be vowels, depending on how they are used.

Those tips should help you find today’s Wordle answer at least partially. If not, you can continue reading for a more detailed hint, or you can jump down further for the solution.

Okay, here’s my last hint: today’s Wordle answer is the polar opposite of what you’d expect from my words.

Answer to Wordle Today #433, FRIDAY, AUGUST 26

So, what is the Wordle answer for game #433 today?

It’s IRONY, drumroll please.

This is an excellent Wordle response for various reasons. It’s a good term, far more fascinating than a dull noun like yesterday’s CLOWN, but more crucially for the game, it has five common letters in generally common locations. This should result in some high scores today, with WordleBot now reporting an average of 3.7. That implies it’s slightly more difficult than yesterday’s, but I’d argue it’s arguably easier, depending on how your game plays out.

There is no letter more unusual than the W in CLOWN. As I show in my analysis of every Wordle answer, I is the seventh most prevalent letter in the game, followed by R, O, and N. The Y is only the 12th letter, however it is the second most common ending letter.

Anyone who used WordleBot’s last start word, CRANE, will have had a good start, with only 19 answers remaining. SAINT (3), CRONE (6), and TRAIN (11) performed even better. With 122 and 305 alternatives, respectively, my choice of STARE and WordleBot’s new favourite, SLATE, weren’t as valuable — but even then, the appropriate choice of second word may have helped significantly.

Answer to Wordle Today #433

With the R and O turning green and the I and N turning yellow, I was left with few options. I needed to identify words with the pattern IRON-, NRO-I, or -RONI. I couldn’t think of anything else but IRONY, which turned out to be the correct answer.

So my second word had eliminated 121 alternative solutions – a really good result that eventually helped me get another 3/6. If it’s needed, a reminder that no matter how essential your first guess is, your second guess often accomplishes even more of the hard work, so it’s always worth taking your time to choose it.


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