Apple Watch 8 Price, Features with 2-inch display 2023

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Apple Watch 8 Price

Apple Watch 8 Price, Features with 2-inch display: The Apple Watch 8 could include a bigger 50mm variant, which would imply a near 2-inch display.

Apple Watch 8: Display

At least, that’s what display analyst Ross Young believes. He claims that the new Apple Watch, which is slated to debut in September alongside the iPhone 14, will be larger in size, with a diagonal display measuring 1.99 inches.

This would be a considerable upgrade, considering none of the models on our list of the best smartwatches are larger than 46mm. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the runner-up to the Apple Watch 7, is 46mm in height.

What’s unclear is whether this will be a new size to join the current Apple Watch 7 range’s 41mm and 45mm variants; the Apple Watch SE comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes. There’s a chance that the 50mm model will replace the 45mm model, or that it will stand alone as a high-end Apple Watch, but Young and other tech insiders haven’t provided any further details.

Apple Watch 8 Price and availability

The Series 8 of the Watch is projected to cost the same as the Series 7 of the Watch. This indicates that it will begin at $399. In terms of availability, Apple normally launches its Watch alongside the iPhone in September, so we expect this to be available then. It may be made available later when production allows, but we would anticipate an announcement in the fall.

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Apple Watch 8: Features

A larger 50mm Apple Watch 8 could be kept for the reported rugged Apple Watch 8 model, as having greater screen space while navigating challenging terrain is likely to be highly useful when digesting information like map instructions.

While the Apple Watch has a lot of functionality and apps, greater screen area to navigate them and absorb health information at a look would be much appreciated. Speaking of the display, a few Apple Watch 8 renders have hinted at a flat edge screen, which would be a nice design update and potentially provide a little more useful screen space.

According to current reports, the Apple Watch 8 will be a little increase over the Apple Watch 7, with the next-generation wearable expected to use the same S6 chip as the Apple Watch 7. However, the Apple Watch 8 is expected to include a body temperature sensor, which could significantly improve its health tracking features, such as the ability to detect a fever or help measure fertility.

Another exclusive Apple Watch 8 upgrade could be a low-power mode enabled by watchOS 9, which could see the wristwatch outlast the current Series 7 model’s 18-hour battery life. When practically all of the capabilities are enabled, we’d want to see a two to three-day battery life.

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