Does The X on Snapchat Mean They Unadded You 2023

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Does The x on Snapchat Mean They Unadded You

Does The X on Snapchat Mean They Unadded You, Snapchat offers an endless number of buttons and symbols for users to remember, including a confusing ‘X’ icon that displays next to some Snapchat names on the Chat screen.

On the surface, Snapchat appears to be an easy-to-use app. You can receive pictures/videos from friends, send your own photos to share, and view public Snapchat updates from friends. The Spotlight tab contains even more content, with infinite TikTok-like movies to sift through.

With so much happening on Snapchat, it’s not unexpected that people frequently have questions about what certain app buttons/settings do. The X that frequently shows next to Snapchat names is a perfect illustration of this. Snapchat’s Chat page displays a list of all your active discussions.

A camera symbol appears next to someone’s name if you’ve recently received a photo from them. If you received a text message from them, a chat symbol appears instead. However, the camera and chat icons are sometimes replaced with an X.

The Real Meaning Behind The Gray ‘X’ In Snapchat

what does the x on snapchat mean
what does the x on snapchat mean

The X next to people’s names, like many other aspects of Snapchat, is not explained. Some names have the camera and chat icons next to them, while others have the X icon, and there’s no explanation for any of it. Fortunately, the answer is pretty straightforward. If you notice an X next to a Snapchat name, it simply means that someone made you a friend request that you have yet to accept.

Tapping the name reveals two buttons: a ‘Okay’ button for accepting the friend request and a ‘Report or Block’ option for reporting or blocking the person. Tapping the X next to the name, on the other hand, gives up a few options immediately from the Chat tab, allowing you to report, block, or erase the chat from your screen.

It’s as simple as that! The X next to Snapchat names is not a defect or a nagging feature. It’s just a reminder that you have pending friend requests to deal with if you see it. It would be wonderful if Snapchat made it clearer, but you already know.

Does The x on Snapchat Mean They Unadded You Or Blocked?

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Some Snapchat users may be asking why an X appears next to the name of someone they were formerly friends with. The X displays only beside persons who are not already a person’s friend but have issued them a friend request. It’s quite possible that an X will appear next to someone’s name if they unfriended you on Snapchat and then sent you a friend request afterwards.

It might be comparable if someone blocked you on Snapchat. When you are blocked on Snapchat, you are removed as that person’s friend. If they decide to unblock you and send you another friend request, an X will appear next to their name on the Chat screen.

If you’ve never communicated or been friends with the individual on Snapchat before, an X next to their name does not signify you’ve been unadded or blocked, but rather that the person added you as a friend. You may like also – YWA Mean on Snapchat & Online Texting

What Do The Icons On The Chat Screen Mean?

Aside from the X sign next to a person’s name, there are numerous other indicators that appear on the Chat screen that Snapchat users may find bewildering. The most important thing to remember is that the icons are color-coded, with each hue representing a different type of Snap. Red indicates a Snap without audio, purple indicates a Snap with audio, and blue indicates a conversation. With the colors out of the way, here’s what the various icons represent.

The filled colored arrows represent Snaps you’ve sent to a buddy, while the outlined arrows indicate that the Snap has been opened by the friend. When you have an unread chat or an unopened Snap, the full squares appear next to your seen Snaps, while the outlined squares appear next to your viewed Snaps.

The snapshot symbol is represented by two overlapping arrows, but the replay icon is represented by an arrow in the shape of a circle. The icons may appear gray at times. If the person has not yet accepted your friend request, a gray arrow will appear next to the sent chat. A gray outlined square, on the other hand, indicates that you have a pending or expired Snapchat chat.


  • What does an X on Snapchat mean?

    Snapchat usually means that you are not friends with them on the app.

  • Why does my Snapchat friend have an X instead of a camera?

    The x appears because this person has either blocked or removed you. 

  • Can someone block you on Snapchat and still be your friend?

    If you cannot find them there that means they have blocked you. People can block you from viewing their story but still keep you as a friend.

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