What is Wordle answer and hints – solution #427, Saturday, August 20

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What is Wordle answer and hints

What is Wordle answer and hints is simple. In reality, the New York Times’ WordleBot tool, which analyses every game played, reports that players solve it in an average of 3.4 guesses. That makes it the simplest for the next two months!

I say hypothetically since each game is unique and your results may vary. You may still struggle depending on your choice of the best Wordle start words and how much luck you receive (or don’t get).

With that in mind, some clues may be useful; after all, a Wordle failure is only six guesses away.

I’ve completed every Wordle and only lost once, so I have plenty of Wordle tips and tricks to share. I’ve also gone through each Wordle solution to look for patterns and have some additional suggestions for you there. If you’re new to Wordle, you should also read my What Is Wordle? guide.

Help you locate today’s Wordle answer. If the tips aren’t enough, I’ll even give you the solution in case you get stuck or don’t have time to finish today’s puzzle. In case you’re viewing this in a different time zone.

So be warned: spoilers lie ahead for game #427. Only read on if you want to know today’s Wordle answer!

What is Wordle answer and hints #427 — HINTS TO HELP YOU SOLVE IT

My first piece of advice is to use one of the top Wordle start words for each game you play. If you want more particular clues to today’s Wordle answer, here they are:

  • It has two vowels*.
  • It has one letter that is repeated.
  • It concludes with a relatively common letter.

* By vowel, I mean A, E, I, O, and U. Other letters, depending on how they are used, are occasionally believed to be vowels.

Those tips should help you find today’s Wordle answer at least partially. If not, you can continue reading for a more detailed hint, or you can jump down further for the solution.

Okay, here’s my last hint: today’s Wordle answer is something exceptional.

Now scroll down to get the answer…

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What is Wordle answer and hints
What is Wordle answer and hints

So, what is the Wordle answer for game #427 today?

It’s TREAT, drumroll please.

I generally dislike categorising a Wordle as ‘simple,’ because what is easy for one person may not be easy for another, and various games evolve in different ways. However, it’s difficult to disagree that today’s Wordle solution is easier than others.

The assessment from WordleBot clearly suggests that it is; it appears to be solved in an average of 3.4 guesses, which is extremely low. In fact, it’s the lowest since ATONE in game #360, which was almost two months ago. It’s also more than half a guess lower than yesterday’s SHRUG, which wasn’t awful either.

Of course, a lot depends on your starting word, but if it contains a couple of the most common letters, you’ll almost surely have made a good guess.

As I demonstrate in my examination of every Wordle solution, every letter here is quite common, which is why it has such a low average. T is the fifth most common letter overall, ranking fourth at the beginning and third at the end of a word. R is third overall and second in position. A is ranked second overall and in slot #4. And E is the most prevalent letter in the game (by far) and the fourth letter in the centre of a word.

The sole letter issue is that the letter T is repeated. T, on the other hand, is the seventh most probable letter to appear more than once in an answer.

For many people, the only difficult part of today’s game was figuring out which letters fit where. Obviously, that applies to every game, but what I mean is that you might have spent more time chasing yellows around rather than not having many letters at all.

That was absolutely the case with my STARE, which immediately displayed T, A, R, and E in yellow. WordleBot stated that I had 18 viable solutions, however those of you playing CRANE had only 11. Anyone who chose WordleBot’s new favourite word, SLATE, had 41, proving that old beats new today.

I came up with 15 of the possible answers myself, but three of WordleBot’s — RETAG, TATER, and TREAD — escaped me. It took me a bit to come up with my list, though; there are numerous ways to combine T, R, A, and E into five spots.

The majority of mine ended in ER, such as CATER, LATER, WATER, EATER, RATER, and HATER, or TAKER, TAPER, TAMER. I also had the word EARTH, GREAT, TREAT, ALTER, AFTER and RATED.

My instinct would usually be to narrow things down by playing a throwaway word, but here that didn’t seem such a good option; I knew what most of the letters were, it was more a matter of working out where they went. So instead I chose HATER, which had the ER ending and also included a H, which was in EARTH too.

What is Wordle answer and hints
(Image credit: Wordle/NYT)

This worked out okay, leaving me with two options: GREAT or TREAT, plus a third, TREAD, that I had overlooked. But WordleBot didn’t think so, giving me 79 out of 99 for skill and recommended I play LATCH instead. In retrospect, that was correct – I got lucky today, but if the answer had been CATER, for example, I’d still have had six options, whereas LATCH might have left me with fewer.

That, however, was not the case, with luck instead providing me a 50/50 (in my thoughts) or a 1/3 chance in actuality.

At this point, it didn’t really matter what I played – it was simply a guess either way. So I chose TREAT and was rewarded with another 3/6. I’ll enjoy these 3/6s while I can, because we haven’t had a truly difficult Wordle in about a week, implying that a streak-breaking puzzle is right around the horizon…


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