Bad Baby Dinos NFT 2023: Price, Overview And Roadmap

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bad baby dinos

Bad Baby Dinos NFT Price, Overview And Roadmap: Non-fungible tokens are a novel and fascinating concept that has enabled artists to freely express themselves. However, it’s not just about what they can accomplish with NFTs; collectors are always coming up with innovative ways for their collections to stand out from the crowd, while also providing new options for artists in this field! For example, the project ‘Bad Baby Dinos’ demonstrates how creatives should think differently than others in order to avoid boredom and repetition. When the four separate personalities and their individual attributes were unleashed on NFT enthusiasts, they were unable to resist the temptation of this new NFT.

Bad Baby Dinos is more than simply your regular NFT with a single character. Investors can construct an individualised collection for themselves by using four different characters, each with their own unique attributes and traits to make them stand out as a family under the moniker “Bad Baby Dinos.”

Art by Bad Baby Dino is amusing, engaging, and one-of-a-kind. With over 200 distinctive features that distinguish one piece from the others, these adorable creatures are guaranteed to brighten investors’ days with their own personalities. Through its platform, the Bad Baby Dinos collection has built a society that nurtures creativity by allowing people to express themselves artistically.

Bad Baby Dinos NFT : Price

Bad Baby Dinos NFT have been sold 34 times in the previous 7 days. Bad Baby Dinos had a total sales volume of $2.25k. One Bad Baby Dinos NFT cost an average of $66.1. There are now 1,687 Bad Baby Dinos owners, with a total supply of 7,777 tokens.

The Bad Baby Dinos are a group of 7,777 utility NFTs. An exclusive membership to a profit-sharing ecommerce platform, the Sandbox metaverse project, the Cave digital concert and event venue, the DinoSnack Jar rewards programs, and the DinoFam Foundation! The Bad Baby Dinos will continue to traverse this digital future with unique, inventive, and amusing features within the NFT ecosystem in The Land After Time. The future looks promising.

Bad Baby Dinos NFT


Bad Baby Dinos NFT Project : Overview

bad baby dinos nft
bad baby dinos nft

Bad Baby Dinos NFT are a group of 7,777 adorable, charming, and one-of-a-kind Baby Dinosaurs that recently hatched in The Land After Time, an incredible new digital realm in The Sandbox Game Metaverse. These Baby Dinos are determined to work together to construct a pleasant, fulfilling community after understanding they are the last of their kind!

As the collection seeks to give to these charities, the Bad Baby Dino NFT collection is a fantastic method for children-based charitable organisations to get involved with cryptocurrencies. The creators have also expressed excitement about the quick expansion of these gifts across various age groups, indicating that exciting times are coming.

The Bad Baby Dinos NFT collection strives to bring individuals from all over the world together in a completely judgment-free zone where they can be whoever they choose, without regard for societal barriers. The founders plan for this online community to focus on sharing care and growing together with others via creative expression that promotes peace.

The Dinos’ strong suit is its utilities, which are unique and breathe new life into the NFT area. The Dino Snack Jar, which is exclusive to the collection, pays holders with Ethereum from a 50% commission on trade aftermarket sales for participating in community activities or accomplishing basic tasks assigned by other members.

Bad Baby Dinos have purchased a vast plot of land in the Sandbox Game Metaverse and intend to build their virtual world there. Once completed, the metaverse will be known as “The Land After Time,” and it will include a virtual concert and event venue, a community Town Hall, and their NFT game. For serious NFT and cryptocurrency fans, this is an exciting time. We’re also developing our very first blockchain-based game, a Play To Earn game where those that hold Bad Baby Dinos can earn cryptocurrency from playing games,” a representative shared.

Bad Baby Dinos NFT Roadmap

bad baby dinos nft
bad baby dinos nft

Phase 1

Create original, humorous, and imaginative Bad Baby Dino artwork. Create our social media profiles. Create and launch the Discord server for the community. Create and launch our own user-friendly website.

Phase 2

In preparation for minting, smart contract(s) and all backend tech are being developed. Continue marketing, branding, and social outreach to ensure that everyone is aware of the wonderful new community that is emerging!

Phase 3

Presale! This restricted presale will have first access to the main public drop. Individuals who have been whitelisted will be given privileged access and a full 24-hour period to mint at their leisure. The presale minting price will be.03 ethereum per mint, with a maximum of 20 mints per wallet.

Phase 4

Public drop of the entire collection! Details about the public drop will be kept under wraps until the day of the drop. The minting cost will be. Each mint costs 0.05 ethereum, with a maximum of 20 mints per wallet. Stay active on our Discord Server and you’ll be among the first to find out!

Phase 5

Charity! – Upon reaching 100% mintage, we have vowed to donate at least $50,000 to a charity of our choice, as well as additional $50,000 to a number of other charities chosen by YOU, the Bad Baby Dino community! We must all do our share to assist others!

Phase 6

Dino Snack Jar – Our own community incentive system! Top Bad Baby Dino holders will be eligible for Dino Snacks from the snack jar, an ethereum incentive for holding Bad Baby Dino NFTs in exchange for community participation. We will donate 10 Ethereum to kickstart the Dino Snack Jar! Every week, we will deposit 50% of the trading volume commission from Open Sea into the snack jar and distribute it to our community! Make sure to follow our Discord Server for additional information!

Phase 7

NFT Gaming with MetaVerse – In The SandBox Game, we purchased a 33 plot (9 lots) of Premium Land and engaged The Land Vault development team to build us our very own metaverse! A community centre, various Play-To-Earn NFT games, and a life-size virtual performance venue will be part of our metaverse! Your Bad Baby Dino NFT will be your passport to all of these special possibilities, as well as your vote during the development process. Make sure you’re a member of our Discord Server so you can follow along LIVE each week.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bad Baby Dinos NFT (FAQ)

Q. What is a Bad Baby Dinos?

Bad Baby Dinos is a collection of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). A blockchain-stored collection of digital artwork.

Q. How many Bad Baby Dinos tokens exist?

There are a total of 7,777 Bad Baby Dinos NFTs. At the moment, 1,687 people own at least one Bad Baby Dinos NTF.

Q. What was the most expensive Bad Baby Dinos sale?

Bad Baby Dinos #5446 was the most expensive Bad Baby Dinos NFT sold. On 2022-09-16, it was sold for $214.8. (22 days ago).

Q. How many Bad Baby Dinos were sold recently?

There were 164 Bad Baby Dinos NFTs sold in the last 30 days.

Q. How much does a Bad Baby Dinos cost?

The cheapest Bad Baby Dinos NFT sales in the last 30 days were around $27, and the greatest sales were for more than $104. In the last 30 days, the average price for a Bad Baby Dinos NFT was $45 USD.

Many Bad Baby Dinos NFTs owners also have CaveDinos, Teddy Bear Squad, Metaleon Society Genesis, and TimeTravelerClub.

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