Kuroki NFT 2024 – A Completed Guide

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Kuroki NFT

Kuroki NFT

Kuroki NFT – A Completed Guide- Collection of 4,000 exclusively hand-drawn anime styled NFT
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Kuroki NFT Information

Holders of Kuroki NFT get unique access to The ROOFTOP.

Discover the Rooftop, where web3 enthusiasts, artists, and builders gather to think, plan, and produce goods as part of the community adventure.

Once upon a time, it was said that if you spoke “May the star fall into my life” on the rooftop, there would be shooting stars that would bring you an airdrop from the sky.

Aside from that, folks who have entered the Rooftop and have the stars on them can meet up with other people to view a shooting star in real life. Let’s dance with the stars, and the stars will bring you luck on your next adventure.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho


Launch of the Genesis Collection

The presale and public auction of the mint will take held on June 3rd, 2022.


  • Kuroki development and expansion require the formation of a Treasury wallet.
  • Our treasury will receive 50% of all secondary market royalties.
  • Kuroki’s Team has been allocated 100 NFTs. The remaining NFTs will be deposited in our treasury after being dispersed to our staff for future development and experiments.
  • Monthly Treasury updates are provided for transparency.

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Team Expansion & Commitment

  • TonZ (Founder) will be working full-time for Kuroki.
  • Securing developers, artists, and geniuses to meticulously plan our path to completion
  • Community crew that works full-time (Mods, Alpha Callers, Project Researchers)
  • This is where the exciting and entertaining stuff will begin.

Staking & Benefits

Kuroki NFT

Holders have access to a rooftop where you can obtain a first-hand update, as well as relationships and collaborations with other emerging companies that share our vision and philosophy.

Every Kuroki NFT will have a unique weighted value and will be able to earn $KURO since the Genesis collection will be the most valuable of all.

Utility and $KURO

The possibilities are endless, from a simple Mint list Marketplace where we can buy our collectibles with $KURO to a complex anime MMORPG with a levelling system and a breeding feature that can force your babies to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or auctioning your baby, which you don’t want, right? Right…?!

DAO Governance

Kuroki is a Neighbourhood

We value community voices; using DAO, the community may participate to the development and future of Kuroki in a decentralized manner.

Next-Generation Collection

Incubator and Nurturing

Kuroki, once again, is a community

Any outstanding idea will never go unnoticed; express and discuss your Web3 concept with us, and we will construct it together. Kuroki will give financial, direction, and support for the adoption of your ideas until they are realised and beyond.


The real and digital worlds will become linked, with technology serving as the link between the two.

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