Castle Kid NFT 2023- Complete Guide

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Castle Kid nft

Castle Kid NFT – Complete Guide : Abstract Fortress Child Nft by Colin Tilley is a generative artwork NFT project comprised of 10,000 hand-drawn combinations of Fortress Child with various features, as well as unusual 1/1s. The utility includes exclusive music video set prizes, access to Colin, and the opportunity to help shape the future of the Fortress Child story!

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Fortress Child Nft Abstract

Whole gadgets in providing 10,000
Homeowners 4600
Flooring Worth 0.014 ETH
Whole Quantity 966 ETH


Fortress Child NftNFT will not only function the fantastic artwork of the twentieth century, but will also provide holders with amazing functionality!

Music Video Set Entry – Prizes – Colin has made fantastic films for musicians such as Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Halsey, and many more. We’ll provide holder-only giveaways in which lucky winners will be flown out to future music video units and get a chance to be an additional!

Access to Colin – Fortress Child NftNFT holders receive access to Colin via exclusive AMAs and content, as well as opportunities for IRL meet ups and events!

‍Fortress Child Nft– Colin and the staff have a narrative constructed round this excellent character. Holders may have alternatives to obtain airdrops, probabilities for presale of future drops, and unique entry to Fortress Child Nftcontent.

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Castle Kid NFT

Castle Kid nft

Welcome to Colin Tilley’s Castle Kid NFT by 20thousand! The project will be launching in 9th December 2021, but in the meantime, read below to find out what we’re all about!

Music Video Set Access Giveaways – Colin Tilley directs music videos and works with amazing artists. Castle Kid NFT holders will be entered into giveaways to be flown out and be on set or an extra in a Colin Tilley music video (whichever the winner chooses)

Castle Kid – We are building a story line around Castle Kid. Owners will have opportunities to receive airdrops & chances at presale for future drops

Access to Colin – Castle Kid NFT holders will have access to Colin through AMAs, exclusive content opportunities and much more!

Community – Join an incredible, warm community filled with people that enjoy music, art and good vibes

1. Who exactly is Colin Tilley?

Colin Tilley is a music video director, commercial director, and filmmaker from the United States. Boy in the Castle Productions’ CEO and owner is Tilley. He has directed over 200 music videos and collaborated with artists including Justin Bieber, Kid Laroi, Halsey, J Balvin, and many others.

2. Who is 20thousand?

– 20thousand is a rising star in the world of graffiti and digital art. He has devoted countless hours to the Castle Kid NFT painting to ensure that each NFT is flawless and well-liked!

3. What exactly is Castle Kid NFT?

– Castle Kid NFT is a generative art NFT project comprised of 10,000 hand-drawn Castle Kid combinations with various features, as well as uncommon 1/1s.

4. What separates Castle Kid from other NFT projects I’ve seen?

Colin Tilley and 20thousand Colin has extensive experience in the arts. He has a diverse set of abilities and experiences to offer the community. He also provides IRL functionality and a continuing journey that he would like to share with everyone! 20thousand is a rising star with a tremendous lot of talent. He creates very intricate graphics that will make each Castle Kid NFT unique to its owner!


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