Far Cry 6 is free to play this weekend on PS5, PC – Here’s how

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Far Cry 6 is free to play this weekend

Far Cry 6 is free to play this weekend on PS5: If you’ve been wanting to play Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6, this weekend might be the perfect opportunity. Far Cry 6 is free to play on PlayStation, XBox, Stadia, and PC this weekend through August 7. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is available on the Epic Games Store on PC, where you may have a taste of the game before deciding whether or not to purchase it.

Far Cry 6 is free to play this weekend on PS5

In fact, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 is also on sale this weekend, with all copies discounted by 60%. The ordinary edition has been reduced from $60 to $24, while the top ultimate edition has been reduced from $120 to $48. We have seen different deals on Far Cry 6 before but this is the lowest price we have ever seen for the game.

Fortunately, you won’t have to pay anything to play it this weekend. Far Cry 6, like previous entries in the Far Cry series, is a first-person shooter that feels quite familiar to play. You are dropped on the fictional island of Yara and charged with ousting a ruler, retaking enemy strongholds, removing anti-aircraft weapons, hunting wildlife for better gear, and generally wreaking havoc. You can drive around the tropical island completing various assignments. It’s an action-packed adventure that’s easy to play and doesn’t get too complicated.

As we mentioned in our review, the gameplay in Far Cry 6 is mostly enjoyable. This is a game that combines some of the series’ strongest components and makes them operate in perfect harmony. The goals and objectives have changed, and new features such as weapon modifications replacing your skill tree have been added to the game, but the core remains mostly unchanged. While playing, you can also look for hidden gems that will help you after you complete the quest’s main mission.

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Antón Castillo, the game’s dictator, is played by the scary Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad fame. Unfortunately, the dictator does not feature in many entries, but he does appear in pivotal scenes and reminds us of the oppressive stranglehold he has on Yara.

Ubisoft has included a secret alternate ending in this game as well, and you can read our tutorial on how to uncover the funny Far Cry 6 alternative ending here.

Far Cry 6 is “video game comfort food” for my colleague Rory Mellon, who writes in his piece about why he enjoys the game that “sometimes you simply want to switch your brain off and unleash chaos on a lovely tropical island.” Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a game in which you can unleash mythical beasts on your opponents?

There are some tone inconsistencies in the tale, but if you prefer a classic action packed sandbox game, you will enjoy Far Cry 6 – and while it is free, it is definitely worth trying out.

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