George Floyd NFT 2024- Overview, History and Price

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George Floyd NFT

The George Floydies NFT generated a heated controversy about intellectual property within the NFT community after an NFT collection of George Floyd caricatures in various costumes and situations surfaced.

George Floyd NFT Overview

George Floyd was an African-American man who was wrongfully murdered by a police officer in May 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The officer who committed the murder was sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison for killing the father of five by kneeling on his throat for more than nine minutes.

The sad occurrence sparked the largest racial justice protests in the United States since the Civil Rights Movement, led by the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) organization. Interestingly, BLM spread well beyond the country, creating a worldwide reckoning with racism.

Nonetheless, anon curators on OpenSea uploaded the first collection of George Floyd NFTs on December 7—a week after the police officer who killed Floyd pleaded not guilty. Following response from people concerned about equity and human rights, OpenSea removed the collecting of NFTs.

Some people consider that digital art contains “overtly racist caricatures.” The project was labeled “horrible,” and many advocated for its reporting and removal from markets such as OpenSea. Others claimed to see the digital assets as a “commemoration” of George Floyd’s life.

Please keep in mind that this article is not intended to be a commentary on the social concerns surrounding George Floyd’s death, but rather an examination of the “Floydies” saga.

George Floyd NFT History and Price

The original George Floyd NFT were not commercially successful on OpenSea before being removed, but they received a lot of backlash on Twitter. The most expensive George Floydies NFT is 0.05 ETH ($97.39). The most affordable option was 0.007 ETH ($13.72).

The curator of the inaugural Floydies drop announced the drop on Twitter and provided a link to the collection on OpenSea. In just three weeks, the post received over 3,000 likes and 4,100 retweets.

George Floydies NFTs were dubbed numerous times after that. The highest bid for a non-fungible token was $12,000. Others fetched substantially less.

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George Floyd NFT Digital Art – Do You Like It?

credit- Papa Gut Archive

To attract consumers, many NFT projects include motivational text in their project descriptions. The first collection of Floydies NFTs was described on OpenSea with the following quote: “Owning a Floydie is a terrific way to express yourself and your values! Floydies are a distinctive and forward-thinking way to honor George Floyd’s extraordinary life.

Although there are many ways the blockchain supports human rights activity, many people find Floydies’ claim to be implausible.

The biggest problem with these NFTs is that there is no indication that the money will be donated to worthy causes like the George Floyd Memorial Foundation, Floyd’s family, or Black Lives Matter. The creators were anonymous as well.

There is no justification for the money not to be donated. The ability of curators to quickly donate auction revenues through online markets like OpenSea and Rarible is one of the most important advantages of NFTs.

All curators need to do is set up a payout address in advance for the cryptocurrency wallet of their assigned organization. People have so taken to Twitter to express their displeasure over Floydies’ anon curators exploiting the homicide for profit.

Final Thoughts

Numerous George Floyd NFTs are circling, demeaning the African-American who was unjustly killed by a policeman in the United States. The effort mocks not just George Floyd and his adored family but also equality, progressivism, and other black cultural issues.

You can buy a “SEENINJUSTICE” NFT, the collection started by the Floyd family, and keep a miniature George Floyd in your pocket by making a donation to the appropriate charities.

Anyone discouraged by some of the Floyd characters’ constant merry-go-rounding can help by flagging the projects’ Twitter and Openseas accounts. Many of these initiatives are anonymous money-grabbing attempts to profit off a sad period in American history.

You can donate directly to the George Floyd Memorial Foundation if you don’t wish to buy a “SEENINJUSTICE” NFT. Donations help fund important initiatives that educate, unify, involve communities, and fight for justice.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is a The amazing life of George Floyd?

    George Floyd’s incredible life is an NFT collection. A blockchain-stored collection of digital artwork.

  • How many The amazing life of George Floyd Nft tokens exist?

    There are 17 NFTs for The Amazing Life of George Floyd. At the moment, seven owners have at least one.

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