Hyperspace NFT Overview: NFT Marketplace

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hyperspace nft

Hyperspace nft is a trading platform that provides information and services about Solana NFT and NFT flex.

What is Hyperspace NFT?

Hyperspace is a Solana NFT marketplace and aggregator that was founded in 2021. Within the UI, users can view, collect, and sell NFTs from Solana marketplaces.

Endpoints can be integrated into projects using the Hyperspace API. Users can see the rarity of their NFT on the platform, and Hyperspace charges low trading fees.

Hyperspace directly connects to each NFT platform in order to act as the “middleman” between the buyer and seller.

1. Revest Finance

Get instant liquidity for locked, vesting, and staked assets through Financial NFT smart vaults.

CHAINS- Ethereum

NFT Lending Dapps

2. Zharta

Zharta is a peer-to-pool lending platform that allows users to lend and loan out NFTs.

CHAINS- Ethereum

NFT Lending Dapps

3. Moonrank

MoonRank is the absolute statistical rarity service for the Solana NFT ecosystem.

CHAINS- Solana

NFT Analytics Tools

Hyperspace NFT Highlights

Total Funding Amount$4.5 Million
Similar Companies10

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Hyperspace NFT Details

Founded Date2021
Operating StatusActive
Last Funding TypeSeed
Also Known AsSolanalysis

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Hyperspace NFT marketplace?

Hyperspace is a trading platform that offers Solana NFT and NFT flex information and services.

Who founded hyperspace NFT?

Kamil Mafoud – Co-Founder – Hyperspace

Who invested in Hyperspace?

Hyperspace has 12 investors including Soma Capital and Sfermion.

Who are Hyperspace’s competitors?

Alternatives and possible competitors to Hyperspace may include Bitget Wallet, The INX Digital Company, and Finality International.


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