Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 rumors 2023: everything we need to know

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 rumors
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 rumors

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 has the potential to be the best Samsung watch yet. The latest Samsung Unpacked presentation, which takes place today, will undoubtedly reveal additional information about the wristwatch.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 debuted last year with two styles — a basic, sporty-looking model and a Classic variant with a real bezel — as well as a non-invasive body composition analysis sensor. It was also the first smartwatch to run Wear OS 3, a unified platform that combines a variety of Google apps with familiar Samsung apps.

So, how will the fifth-generation Galaxy Watch keep its title as the greatest Android smartwatch? There will be no shortage of competitors in the near future. The Google Pixel Watch will be available this fall, with more Wear OS 3 smartwatches to follow.

With this level of competition, the Galaxy Watch 5 will need to innovate in order to maintain its lead in the wearable industry. New fitness-tracking features, an improved design, more ways to stay connected from your wrist, and other changes are possible. There may also be a new Pro model to replace the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, in addition to other Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch 4 improvements.

Here’s what we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, as well as our expectations for the company’s next smartwatch. We’ve also compiled a list of the top five speculations surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 rumors

  • Today (August 10) is the latest Samsung Unpacked, and our Samsung Unpacked event live blog is already up and running. Save it now for the most recent last-minute news about the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro, as well as to keep up with all of today’s important announcements.
  • A full gallery of photos for the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro has been leaked, including all colour variants – this could hint at the final design of the watches.
  • The most recent Galaxy Watch 5 Pro leaks have revealed its remarkable battery life, size, and other features.
  • Several Galaxy Watch 5 leaks have claimed the pricing, design, and rapid charging.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 possible release date

The most likely Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 release date looks like sometime in August, given that there’s a Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event taking place today (Wednesday, August 10). The online-only event will start streaming at 9 a.m. ET / 6 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. BST today.

The focus will most likely be on foldables. However, it is not uncommon for Samsung to reveal many items during its Unpacked event. That is why we believe the Galaxy Watch 5 will be present at the announcement later today, with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4.

If the watch is released today, you may anticipate it to be available for purchase within a month. The foldables are expected to launch on August 26, according to Jon Prosser, so the Galaxy Watch 5 should follow suit.

Here’s how to watch the Samsung Unpacked live broadcast, regardless of what Samsung announces. We also have a live blog for the Samsung Unpacked event, so you can keep up with all of the announcements as they come.

How to Watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked August 2022 Live Stream

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 price expectations

The pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 could be the same as the price of the Galaxy Watch 4. The 40mm Bluetooth model of the Galaxy Watch 4 costs $249.99, while the 40mm LTE model costs $299.99. The 42mm Bluetooth model of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic costs $349.99, while the 42mm LTE model costs $399.99.

If the Galaxy Watch 5 does not come in two versions, we may see significant pricing fluctuation. It might even bring back the original $399 beginning price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which corresponds to the pricing of the Apple Watch 7.

Alternatively, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 price could be greater than predicted. According to a fresh rumour, the price of the next Samsung smartwatch series would be higher than it is  current  Galaxy Watch models.

WinFuture’s Roland Quandt (via XDA Developers) published claimed Galaxy Watch 5 costs on Twitter, stating the wearable will start around €300 for the Bluetooth-only, 40mm edition. This translates to around $315 for US customers, a step up from the $249 starting price of the entry-level Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Though firms charge various pricing in different regions, Quandt’s research implies that the whole Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series will see price increases. The 40mm LTE device is expected to cost around €350 ($367), while the 44mm Bluetooth and 44mm LTE models are expected to cost around €350 and €400 ($420), respectively.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 design

The appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 isn’t expected to change much, especially for the entry-level, sporty-looking variant.

GalaxyClub claims to have discovered codenames and model numbers for the reported three Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 versions.

The smallest of these is codenamed ‘Heart-S’ and has the model number SM-R90X. It will apparently be available in 40mm and 42mm sizes, thereby replacing the basic Galaxy Watch 4. For more information, see our Galaxy Watch 5 vs Galaxy Watch 4 comparison for the most significant rumoured upgrades.

The ‘Heart-L,’ or SM-R91X, is the second model. This is said to be available in 44mm and 46mm sizes, which seems to suit with it being a replacement for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic version.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro rumors

The Classic model in Samsung’s portfolio could be replaced by a speculated Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. This is said to be a 44mm watch with a massive battery and an enhanced body over the ordinary Galaxy Watch 5.

According to one leak, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could be quite durable. The titanium and sapphire glass structure is expected to give it the ‘pro’ label. These indicate a watch with a luxury appearance that is resistant to bumps, knocks, and scratches.

In terms of battery life, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is said to outperform the Apple Watch 8. It is expected to have a battery life of up to three days.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 body temperature sensor rumors

Aside from the model and size information, we’ve heard a handful of reports about the sensors that may be included with the Galaxy Watch 5. The first, from the Korean site ET News, claims that the Galaxy Watch 5 will include temperature-sensing technology.

The second, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, is that the Galaxy Watch 5 will lack temperature-sending technology.

So, who should we believe in this case? At this point, we have no reason to trust one over the other. However, Kuo’s explanation is that “algorithm restrictions” may prohibit the technology from being included in the new model. Given that he has made the same assertion about the Apple Watch 8, which is also expected to include a temperature sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro battery life rumors

According to a recent report, a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro model may be released. There hasn’t been much said about this model, although it could contain a massive 572 mAh battery. Not only is that a nearly 60% increase over the 361 mAh battery included in the bigger, 44mm Galaxy Watch 4, but it’s also the largest smartwatch cell we’ve heard of to far.

In addition, an FCC listing for the Galaxy Watch 5 suggests 10W charging speeds, which would be twice as fast as the Galaxy Watch 4. This has been confirmed in a recent leak, which claims that the next Galaxy Watch will be able to charge up to 45% in 30 minutes.

This large battery might not only increase the endurance of this purported smartwatch, but also support a slew of features, such as detecting blood glucose levels and providing game-changing features for diabetics.

The battery life of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is said to be superior to that of the Apple Watch 8. It is expected to have a battery life of up to three days.


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