When is Mothers Day 2023: In US, UK, Australia and Mexico?

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When is Mothers Day

When is Mothers Day 2023, For the love of mothers everywhere, mark this date on your calendar. Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates in the US, UK, Australia, and Mexico due to some religious connotations and orders from the previous governments of these nations.

When is Mothers Day 2023

Mother’s Day in US

Mother’s Day in the US is not connected to any particular religion; rather, it was only established in 1914 as a result of a campaign started by Anna Jarvis, an American woman whose mother had passed away in May.

After declaring that Mother’s Day will always be celebrated on the second Sunday in May, President Wilson founded the holiday in America. He described it as a “public expression of our love and reverence for the mothers of our country.” When is Mothers Day, This year US and Australia will celebrate Mother’s Day on May 14, 2023.

However, Jarvis has been concerned about the commercialization of the occasion and the loss of the sentiments associated with it, and at one point, she wished to abandon the concept of Mother’s Day. Australia and many other nations also celebrate the day on the same date as the US.

Mother’s Day in the UK

Mother’s Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom on the fourth Sunday of the Christian festival of Lent to honor all loving mothers around the world. It was traditionally a day on which Christians were encouraged to visit their “mother church.” When is Mothers Day, This year UK will celebrate Mother’s Day on Sun, Mar 19, 2023.

Nowadays, the day is recognized as a symbol of family reunions, particularly for children who travel long distances to greet their mothers.

However, the style of Mother’s Day celebration in the UK now follows in the footsteps of the Mother’s Day celebration in the United States, and bombarding mothers with hampers, flowers, and gifts has become a trend.

Mother’s Day in Mexico

In Mexico, Mother’s Day is celebrated on Wed, May 10, 2023. Rafael Alducin, a newspaper editor in Mexico City, published an article on the benefits of Mother’s Day celebrations in one of his columns in the newspaper El Excelsior in 1922.

The article received media support, and the Catholic Church asked Mexicans to choose a date on their own, with the final date being May 10. You may like also- 7 Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Wallet Case in 2023

When is Mother’s Day 2023? 

This year Mother’s Day will be Sunday, May 14. 

Is Mother’s Day the same date every year?

No. In the United States, Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday in May. The numerical date varies. Mother’s Day is celebrated in various ways all over the world and has its origins in festivals held in ancient Greece and Rome to honor the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele.

Is Mother’s Day biblical?

When is Mothers Day1

No, but it has religious roots nonetheless. In the Middle Ages, it became customary to allow those who had left home to return and visit their mother church and their mothers on the fourth Sunday of the Catholic observance of Lent.

Eventually, this custom, known as “Mothering Sunday,” turned into an opportunity for family get-togethers, particularly for those who had relocated to work as domestic servants or apprentices. In the UK, it is still practiced, though it has merged with Mother’s Day’s more contemporary customs.

In May 1908, Anna Jarvis held a service at the West Virginia church of her deceased mother to recognise the sacrifices made by all mothers. It served as the occasion for the inaugural “Mother’s Day” celebration.

Through a letter-writing campaign that persuaded other states to observe the holiday, Jarvis assisted in bringing the holiday to national prominence in the years that followed. President Woodrow Wilson made it a federal holiday in 1914.

Ironically, Jarvis reportedly spent her final year of life fighting to abolish the holiday she founded, upset by how excessively commercialised what was once a more solemn occasion had become.

Another significant person in the events leading up to Mother’s Day was Julia Ward Howe, who wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation.” The letter, which was published in 1870, urged mothers everywhere to band together for the goal of world peace.

She declared in the proclamation, “We women of one country will be too tender of those of another country to permit our sons to be trained to harm theirs.” Suffragist and abolitionist Howe unsuccessfully advocated for a “Mother’s Peace Day” to be observed annually on June 2.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • When is Mother’s Day in the UK?

    This year UK will celebrate Mother’s Day on Sun, Mar 19, 2023.

  • Do US and Australia celebrate Mother’s Day on the same date?

    Yes. Every year on the second Sunday of May on May 14, 2023.

  • When is Mother’s Day in the Mexico?

    In Mexico, Mother’s Day is celebrated on Wed, May 10, 2023

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