Cast of The Machine 2023: Who stars in the comedy?

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Cast of The Machine 2023

Cast of The Machine 2023, features Bert Kreischer, Mark Hamill and Jimmy Tatro. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Peter Atencio’s 2023 movie on Netflix.

A humorous film based on comedian Bert Kreischer’s humor, The Machine is currently the top movie on Netflix’s Top 10 list as of September 25. The Machine on Netflix seems to be based on the 2016 Showtime special The Machine, however Kresicher aired his third Netflix comedy special earlier in 2023 under the name Razzle Dazzle.

The Machine debuted in theaters in May 2023, and because it was distributed by Sony, Netflix was always going to be the home of the film thanks to an agreement between the streaming service and the studio. Despite having a $20 million budget, the movie made over $10 million in its first weekend of release. Fans appear to appreciate it, despite reviewers’ largely unfavorable assessments.

The Machine stars Kreischer as himself, and the story focuses on an anecdote from his act, which finds him on a college trip to Russia in 1999. During a night of partying, he earns the nickname “The Machine,” but years later, the trip comes back to bite him when the Russian mob returns to his life to settle a score by kidnapping him and his father.

We’ve listed the whole cast of The Machine so you don’t have to wonder who plays whom when you watch it on Netflix or have seen it already. This is the cast of the film, which is partially based on a true story, starring comic Bert Kreischer.

Cast of The Machine 2023

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The film stars Jimmy Tatro as the college-aged version of Kreischer, who, of course, plays the starring part as himself in American Vandal and Home Economics. Mark Hamill, a former member of the Star Wars cast, plays Bert’s dad. Though the other stars may not be as well-known, these three actors are probably the most well-known ones in the film.

Cast of The Machine 2023: Bert Kreischer as Bert

Character Overview: A southwest Florida-based stand-up comedian. He and his wife attends therapy sessions together. Bert finds himself in Russia as a result of a theft that occurred twenty years before.

On Kreischer’s resume, you may find him as a well-known stand-up comedian as well as a documentary host in the TV shows Best in Town (2006), Alfred in The Shield (2004), and The Loud House (2017).

Cast of The Machine 2023: Mark Hamill as Albert

Character Overview: The father of Bert. He is a Florida-born carpet salesman. Albert tells his son not to be afraid.

Resume of Hamill: Star Wars character Luke Skywalker (1977–), In the 2019 film Child’s Play, Chucky In the 2019 film Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, The Scientist Art Rosenbaum in Invincible (2021) and Bardle/Gardle in The Last Kids on Earth (2020)

Cast of The Machine 2023: Jimmy Tatro as Young Bert

Character Overview: A college student. In 1999, he goes to Russia. Young Bert’s drinking habits and familiarity with popular culture make him a folk hero in Russia.

Tatro’s Resume: Troy Rubinsky in Theater Camp (2023), Lights Out McGinty in Rumble (2021), PJ Palfrey in The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020), Dylan Maxwell in American Vandal (2017-18) and Rooster in 22 Jump Street (2014).

Cast of The Machine 2023: Iva Babić as Irina

Character Overview: A mafia boss from Russia.She tries to acquire a stolen watch. Irina is a Family Matters fan who seeks balance in her life.

Resumé of Babić:  Klara in The Last Serb in Croatia (2019), Nada Zegar in Dnevnik velikog Perice (2021), Viktorija in Podrucje bez signala (2022), Zdenka Zima in Majstori (2022), Renata in Escort (2023).

Cast of The Machine 2023: Robert Maaser as Alexei

Character Overview: The brother of Irina. He finds Bert. Seeking ultimate control, Alexei shoots his sister.

Resume of Maaser: Officer Assassin in Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation (2015), Dominic Craven in The Dare (2019), Odvulf in Barbarians (2022), Guard at Auction in Uncharted (2022), Heinrich in Blood & Gold (2023).

 Cast of The Machine 2023 also includes:

  • Stephanie Kurtzuba as LeeAnn
  • Martyn Ford as Sponge
  • Jess Gabor as Sasha
  • Rita Bernard-Shaw as Ashley
  • Nikola Djuricko as Igor
  • Oleg Taktarov as Train Igor
  • Amelie Child Villiers as Tatiana
  • Aleksandar Sreckovic as Fedor
  • Jovan Savic as Irina’s Father
  • Marko Nedeljkovic as Young Igor

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Is The Machine movie based on a true story?

Bert Kreischer’s movie, The Machine, is a partially true story about his college trip to Russia, involving encounters with Russian gangsters. 

Where did they film The Machine?

It was primarily filmed in Belgrade, Serbia, which doubled as Russia in the movie.

Why is he called The Machine?

Kreischer says he became well known among Russian Mafia members while studying abroad and earned the nickname “the Machine” because of his incredible drinking prowess.

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