Dippies NFT 2023 – Price, Rarity And Overview

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Dippies NFT

The Dippies NFT project aims to depict a synthesis of changes made by new-age hippies over time as well as their emerging values.

Dippies NFT is a symbol of transformation, freedom, and free will. Rather than opting out of the system, the Dippie NFT group believes in the concept of creating decentralised enterprises that are not dependent on the prevailing system. Dippies aim to develop an online global community and collaborate to create a world based on ideals they believe in.

The Dippies NFT project is a digitised collection of 8888 distinct Dippies characters (digital hippies). constructed on the Ethereum (erc721) blockchain

Dippies NFT initiative is supported by an experienced group of advisers and early users of BAYC and Doodles. in addition to the founders, Salma Shawaf and Taylor

Dippies NFT Overview

Dippies NFT Items 8.9k items
Owners 5.8 k
Dippies NFT floor price 0.219 Eth
Volume traded. 8.1 K ETH


What Is Dippies NFT? Project RoadMap Explained

The Dippies team’s main aim is to create a peaceful, caring, and friendly community. They are committed to providing a safe environment for all holders. The team intends to recruit early Dippies NFT adopters and collaborate to develop a strong foundation of a global community while ensuring 100% openness between the founders and holders.

Team Dippies strongly believes in giving back to the community and has gone to great lengths to ensure investor happiness. Those that mint king/queen Dippie will receive 3 ETH directly into their wallet.

DippieStash will receive 25% of market royalties and 5% of Mint to ensure the project’s long-term viability. The holders will have the right to vote on how the monies are spent. These monies can be utilized for donations, community-related causes, event planning, and so on.

Merch will be released, and holders will be able to flex the drip in person. Furthermore, holders will receive discounts on all things available in the store.

There’s something else to look into after the launch, which makes this project incredibly interesting and exciting. Vans will be introduced by the Dippies Team. These vans would be ideal companions for the Dippies bearer. Every holder will be eligible to get a free van.

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Dippies NFT Rarity

Dippies NFT has a promising roadmap, and the team is committed to delivering in order for this project to be a tremendous success. Taking all of these variables into account, the future of Dippies NFT appears quite promising, and long-term investors will benefit greatly. Dippies NFT #8321 is ranked first on Raritysniper, having a rarity score of 636247.16.

Overview of the Dippies NFT in terms of current sales, floor price, and volume traded

Dippies NFT
Dippies NFT

The Dippes NFT went operational at midnight on March 3, 2022. Investors were able to purchase NFTs for 0.06 Eth+ Gas. The project was totally sold out within a few hours of its announcement. The trade volume climbed at an exponential rate, as did the floor. The Dippes NFT floor price is 0.219 Eth as of May 1, 2022.

Pre-sale, public-sale, and mint price information

The Dippies NFT pre-sale took held on March 2nd, 2022, with a mint price of 0.06 ETH plus gas fees.

The public sale was held on March 3rd, 2022, and the mint price was.006 ETH+. Fees for Gas

Price Prediction for Dippies NFT

The public sale began on March 3rd at 12:00 a.m. EST, and sales surged after Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki purchased some NFTs. Price projections have been positive since the introduction. The project is already off to a fantastic start and appears to be growing due to a strong united community, a solid plan, an experienced crew, and the participation of major musicians.

How Do I Purchase Dippes NFT?

Dippies NFT is listed on Dippies NFT OpenSea and appears to be scarce. Connect your meta mask/trust wallet, select your favourite NFT, then import them to your wallet following a successful bid or purchase.


The Dippies NFT initiative is already off to a fantastic start, and the participation of significant celebrities in a strong community makes it even more promising. The initiative has solid foundations and a fantastic idea of creating a worldwide community and working together to create a safe, autonomous society. Roadmap 1.0 appears promising, and there is plenty to look forward to with this project with the release of roadmap 2.0, which focuses on investigating several metaverse prospects.

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