Does Apple Watch work with s21 Ultra?

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Does Apple Watch work with s21 Ultra? : Apple Watch, as the name suggests, is intended for usage with Apple iPhone smartphones. As of today, it is the most popular, helpful, and appealing smart watch almost everywhere since it functions as both a smart watch and a timepiece. Because it was developed as an accessory for the iPhone, it is not compatible with iPads, iPods, or Android devices, Samsung s21 Ultra. Since then, the Apple Watch has been a must-have accessory and eye-catching wearable for Android users due to its consistency and useful functions.

Does Apple Watch work with s21 Ultra?

Which led to inquiries such, “Are you willing to give up your Samsung s21 Ultra Android device to utilize an Apple watch?” Is there any way to utilize Apple Watch on an Android phone so that you don’t have to pick between giving up or sticking with Samsung s21 Ultra Android? These questions piqued “Apple’s interest, and they formally responded NO. It basically implies that the Apple Watch cannot connect to an Android phone“, but only to an iPhone. An Apple watch is only compatible with certain iPhone models beginning with the iPhone 5 and later. Having said that, both devices should be able to communicate over Bluetooth.

Despite Apple’s swift, straightforward, and to-the-point response, there are still rumours and even reports from Apple Watch customers claiming they were able to utilize the Apple Watch on an Android handset. Although it is possible to make an Apple Watch work on an Samsung s21 Ultra Android device. The procedures are rather limited and not fully encouraged, but if you really want to play around and risk by trying, read on for the methods that have worked for some in getting an Apple Watch operate on an Samsung s21 Ultra Android phone.

What functions can you expect after connection is successful?

While the Apple Watch is connected to an Samsung s21 Ultra Android Smartphone, the Apple Watch and the installed apps on it will continue to function over a cellular connection; however, certain apps, such as health, physical activity, and app downloading, may not function.

And, because access to an iPhone was stopped when the sim card was removed and reinserted into an Android smartphone, you will be unable to keep the Apple Watch software up to date.

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Check that the devices that will be used are complete.

Before you begin, you must complete the following steps to make your Apple Watch function with Android.

  1. Apple Watch with LTE (Unlocked)
  2. Samsung s21 Ultra Smartphone (Unlocked)
  3. iPhone that supports Apple Watch, 6 or later (Unlocked)
  4. A tool used to remove a Sim Card

In some circumstances, you may be unsure whether your iPhone or Samsung s21 Ultra device is unlocked; if so, you should call your carrier to confirm. Also, ensure that the cellular network on your devices, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint, supports the use of Apple Watch.

Install Apple Watch on iPhone

Step 1: Make sure that the Apple watch you will attempt to connect with an Samsung s21 Ultra is correctly and completely configured on an iPhone by connecting it to your LTE network’s carrier. 

  • Launch Apple Watch app on your iPhone. 
  • Then, tap on Start Pairing. You can either choose to pair manually by selecting option “Pair your watch manually” and tapping on the Profile name in the Apple watch App or by holding the Apple watch to your iPhone’s camera.
  • Enter a 6-digit code that will appear on the watch 
  • Tap on “Set Up as a New Apple Watch”
  • Then choose your Wrist preference, either left or right. 
  • When at the terms and conditions appears, tap on Agree.
  • Next, enter your Apple ID.
  • Tap OK when you are prompted about Siri and Diagnostics as well as Location.
  • Now, Create a 4-digit passcode for your watch.
  • Choose from the options YES or NO on the display of your watch if an option will ask if you can unlock your Apple watch using an iPhone.
  • You may set up Apple Pay and Emergency SOS when prompted. Apple pay is a feature that allows your Apple Watch to make payments through mobile, on the other hand, Emergency SOS that has been added to Series 3 that allows you to call and send alerts to contacts you’ve added as an Emergency SOS contact for emergency cases.
  • Next, select on Install to start downloading Apple watch software versions of the apps that we’re already installed on your iPhone. Or you can opt to choose Later.
  • Syncing of Apple Watch and iPhone device will now begin. 
  • You will receive a notification once Apple watch has completely set up and synced.
  • Finally, connect your Apple Watch to your LTE network of your carrier.

STEP 2: Turn OFF iPhone, Samsung s21 Ultra Smartphone and Apple watch

STEP 3: Remove the sim card from your iPhone using a sim card tool.

STEP 4: Insert the Nano-sim to an Samsung s21 Ultra device you want to connect Apple Watch.

STEP 5: Switch ON Samsung s21 Ultra device and connect to cellular network

STEP 6: Switch ON Apple Watch by pressing on the button below the digital crown.

STEP 7: The Samsung s21 Ultra phone will now be connected to a carrier and you will see that the Apple watch will also be connected.

To summarize everything discussed above for a better understanding, the Apple Watch and Samsung s21 Ultra Smartphone do not communicate with one another and are still incompatible. However, once your Apple Watch has been configured with LTE, some of its capabilities no longer require the use of or connection to an iPhone smartphone. However, because it requires cellular connection, it is highly likely to damage battery life of your Apple Watch, depleting it faster and frequently leading to battery difficulties later on, especially with the newer Apple Watch, which includes an option of Always ON.

Connecting an Apple Watch to your Samsung s21 Ultra mobile is entertaining, but if you truly need a smartwatch, there are also smartwatches that are compatible with your Android device.

There’s no way around it: you’ll need an iPhone to activate and set up your Apple Watch. To activate your watch, set up iCloud and Apple Pay, and enable cellular connectivity if you have an LTE-enabled watch, you must utilize the built-in Watch software on your iPhone.

After setup, there is no way to pair an Apple Watch with an Samsung s21 Ultra phone. While it is a Bluetooth gadget, the Apple Watch is designed to work specifically with the iPhone.

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