Etika NFT 2023: Complete Review and Find Market Stats

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Etika NFT

Etika NFT Complete Review, As announced on January 4, 2022, the Ethics Punk project is being undertaken by the NFT. It seems that many of the responses to the project were negative. Despite the creators’ claim that the project is meant to “commemorate Etika’s life”.

EtikaPunk is called “shameful”, “gross”, and “disgusting” by users.

Who was Etika?

Nintendo YouTuber, Desmond “Etika” Amofah, was very popular and known for his outrageous reactions to game announcements and Smash Bros. revelations.

Nintendo Direct fans, known as the JoyCon Boys, looked forward to his eager bursts of excitement as they watched the show.

Unfortunately, Etika committed suicide in June of 2019 after a long fight with mental illness. Three years later, the JoyCon Boys still hold in high regard Etika’s career and favorite reactions.

One more time, the internet has managed to damage a late creator’s legacy. Etika has been turned into a non-fungible token in much the same way as Stan Lee’s life work was turned into a “commemorative” NFT.

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Desmond Daniel Amofah (Etika)

Desmond Daniel Amofah, exhaustively known as Etika, was an American YouTuber, model, rapper, and online plan who got a standing for his response accounts connected with Really Crush Brothers. He began his YouTube experience in 2006 by making a record, “TR1Iceman”.

Etika had a virtuoso status with a tremendous partner base until everything self-destructed from October 2018. In any case, his power online media records and YouTube channels got taken out for posting accounts that excused electronic media philosophies. Then, after the record revocation, he had a development of breakdowns inciting his collapse.

Etika NFT

  • Etika craftsmanship mixes in NFTs were totally finished the Rarible NFT business center. This NFT mix has no power relationship with Etika.
  • The makers named the gathering EtikaPunks and articulated the presence of the NFT assortments through their Twitter account.
  • The assortment includes four advanced appearances with Etika’s face.
  • The facial picture on the NFT enunciations is something practically indistinguishable with various foundations and embellishments.
  • One NFT craftsmanship had the sun behind the scenes while the other had a structure as a foundation.
  • The workmanship that photographs Etika with a banana in his grasp got enormous assessment.

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Fans Reaction Here

  • Etika NFT for the most part gets negative investigation through electronic media.
  • By a long shot the vast majority of the Etika fans are bothered by the presence of the NFT game plans.
  • Fans and partners are utilizing words like “terrible,” “revolting,” and “gross” to talk about their dispute with the presence of the NFT groupings.
  • Certainly, even immense names like Publicity Fellow conveyed areas of strength for them against the presence of the NFTs. He utilized his power Twitter record to offer all due appreciation to EtikaPunks.
  • TheNCSmaster tweeted to his fans and adherents to report and impede the Twitter record of EtikaPunks.

Etika Punks Marketplace

  • The NFTs are recorded on the Rarible business community.
  • The arrangement address for Etika NFT is 0x31483dca8a8a8bfe0f688c7228aefd37a35ac452.
  • Out of four NFT articulations, only three are for public arrangement.
  • The buyer needs to pay in WETH tokens to purchase the NFTs.


As NFT has been a moving point recently, individuals are trying to make workmanship game plans to get qualification in the NFT business center. In any case, there are blended opinions on the NFTs made on Etika through web-based media.

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