Top 3 NFT Calendars to submit nft drop in 2023

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NFT Calendars to submit nft drop, NFTs are increasingly being used by artists and designers as a viable source of cash generating. The sale of NFTs is increasingly profitable for many firms, artists, illustrators, and designers.

We already addressed how to market your NFT project; in this article, we’ll look at the best NFT calendars for promoting your NFT drops.

Let’s dive right into the article.

What exactly is an NFT drop?

A non-fungible token drop is simply the distribution of non-fungible tokens. It is the precise day and time when producers or brands make their NFT available to users and investors. The purpose of NFT drops is to generate interest in the NFT project and to create a community around it.

The more buzz there is about your NFTs, the more value your NFT investors will place on them. By advertising the NFT drop date ahead of time, NFT drops assist to build hype. Because of the rising demand for NFTs, investors want to keep a look out for future NFT drops in order to be among the first to try to purchase them.

There are a number of tools and tactics available to assist NFT collectors and investors in locating acceptable NFT projects and one of the best ways is by using NFT calendars to find suitable projects.


The advantages of submit nft drop – your project to NFT calendar websites

NFT calendars are websites and apps that operate as calendars, displaying all current and forthcoming NFT drop events. NFT airdrops from various NFT marketplaces and blockchains are included in NFT calendars. Their primary purpose is to make collectors’ lives easier by compiling upcoming NFT launches in one location. This reduces the need for NFT investors and collectors to search for the best NFT airdrops for hours. Crypto enthusiasts interested in learning about the latest NFT drops can visit these venues to learn about impending NFT drops.

NFT calendars often include graphics and a description explaining the launch date and other facts about your NFT drop schedule of various projects, allowing consumers to learn more about them. The best thing about NFT calendars is that they can improve visibility and help you sell your NFT collection quickly.

3 best NFT calendars to Submit NFT Drop

1- NFT

  • Launch Year: 2021
  • Monthly website traffic: 223.3k+
  • Domain Authority: 50
  • NFT drops listed: 34.8k+
  • Supported blockchain protocols: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Cardano, Binance Smart Chain, Cronos, Avax Network, WAX, Elrond, Tezos, FLOW, Fantom, Terra, EOSIO, Internet Computer, Immutable X, TON, Harmony, XRP Ledger, NEAR, Secret, Moonriver, VeChain, Theta, xDAI, Waves, HIVE, Hedera, Hathor, DeSo, TRON, Ethernity, Stellar XLM, LINE, Algorand, Casper, Everscale, Ziliqa, Evmos


  • Twitter: 34.2k+ Followers
  • Discord: 49.3k+ Members
  • Youtube: 855 Subscribers
  • Instagram: 25.3k+ Followers

One of the first calendars that allowed NFT projects to submit their NFT launches was NFT is well-known for hosting some of the most visually appealing NFT drops, exciting events, and high-profile NFT launches. It is a popular service for identifying impending NFT drops and has partnered with big NFT names including Bitcourier, NFTNDX.IO, and Brydge. Furthermore, NFT allows authors and projects to freely upload their NFT drops to the calendar, making it one of the greatest sites for listing your NFT collection.

Using this link, you may create your NFT drop event on NFT

When creating your NFT drop event, NFT requires the following information:

  • Event title
  • Event description
  • Cover image
  • Event date
  • Host Blockchain
  • Marketplace
  • Categories
  • Event links


2- Rarity Sniper

  • Year of launch: 2021
  • Monthly website traffic: 195.7k+
  • Domain Authority: 53
  • NFT projects listed: 1.6k+
  • Supported blockchain protocols: Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Binance, Cardano, Elrond, Cronos, Avalanche


  • Twitter: 492k+ Followers
  • Discord: 321k+ members

The Rarity Sniper is one of the best NFT rarity examination tools, and it is used by the majority of advanced NFT traders. In the NFT ecosystem, the platform boasts one of the largest NFT communities. Rarity Sniper has collaborated with a number of well-known companies in the NFT market, including LooksRare, CoinMarketCap, OKX, Rarible, and others.

You can use this link to list your NFT collection on Rarity Sniper. When listing your NFT collection on Rarity Sniper, you must supply the following information:

  • Collection name
  • Blockchain
  • Website URL
  • Twitter URL
  • Discord URL
  • Sale status
  • NFTs minted so far
  • Total supply
  • Sale date, etc


3- NFT Drops Calendar

submit nft drop

  • Year of launch: NA
  • Monthly website traffic: 26.6k+
  • Domain Authority: 48
  • Number of NFT projects listed: NA
  • Supported blockchain protocols: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, BNB Chain, FLOW, Cardano, AVAX, WAX, Harmony, Elrond, Immutable-X


  • Twitter: 64.1k Followers
  • Discord: 13.8k Members
  • Instagram: 16.3k Followers is a well-known NFT calendar for publicising your NFT drops. In addition to free NFT drop listings, the NFT drops calendar offers a premium listing option for 0.10 ETH that includes features such as:

  • Selecting from a variety of image formats such as JPEG, PNG, or GIF
  • Twitter stream
  • Visibility carousel section
  • Banner display

While listing your NFT collection, you need to provide the following details:

  • Project name
  • Blockchain
  • Collection count
  • Traits count
  • Public and pre-sale prices
  • Minting dates
  • Project description
  • Collection Image
  • Tags
  • Official links, etc


Bonus NFT calendar sites to Submit nft Drops

1- Nifty Drops

submit nft drop

  • Year of launch: 2022
  • Monthly website traffic: 4.6k+
  • Domain Authority: 23
  • Number of NFT projects listed: NA
  • Supported blockchain protocols: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, FLOW, WAX, BNB Chain, TRON, Waves, Avalanche


  • Twitter: 17.4k+ Followers
  • Discord: 349 Members

Nifty Drops is the first iOS and Android app that displays current and prospective NFT drops from all blockchains. The platform was developed by Nifty Inc, a Delaware-based NFT IT company. The Nifty Drops app features a calendar of current and upcoming NFT drops.

Collectors could easily swipe through to observe the current NFT drops and then go right to the NFT marketplace to bid on and buy the NFTs that piqued their interest. The software also displays the drop time in the user’s local time zone, and users may enable in-app reminders to receive notifications for a drop and auction. Users can add any NFT drop date to their calendar on their Android or iPhone and create further reminders from there.

The Nifty Drops app also allows NFT producers to share their NFT Drops on the app’s central database, putting your NFT projects in front of NFT investors and collectors and increasing the reach of every NFT drop you make for free.

Through this link, you can submit your NFT collection to Nifty Drops. When listing your NFT collection, you must include the following information:

  • Project name
  • Blockchain
  • Collection count
  • Public and pre-sale prices
  • Minting dates
  • Project description
  • Collection Image
  • Tags
  • Official links, etc


submit nft drop

  • Year of launch: 2021
  • Monthly website traffic: 90k+
  • Domain Authority: 40
  • Number of NFT projects listed: NA
  • Supported blockchain protocols: NA


  • Twitter: 60.8k+ Followers
  • Discord: 24k+ Members
  • Facebook: 11.5k+ Followers
  • Instagram: 10.6k+ Followers

Another prominent NFT calendar site is, which provides information about upcoming NFT releases, drops, auctions, giveaways, and so on. The projects can post their collection for free, and the site also has a whitelist part where users can sign up for your NFT project’s whitelist with the chance to win a free mint before the launch. also provides real-time tracking of NFT sales, however the tool is still in development.

You can list your NFT collection on by visiting this link, and you must include the following information:

  • Project’s name
  • Cover image
  • Official links
  • Description
  • Category
  • Mint dates, etc

techymunch google news

NFT calendar sites might help to generate interest in your NFT project

Before launching an NFT, you must generate excitement and build a community around your ideas. The more talk there is about your NFTs, the more value people will place on them, increasing the likelihood that your NFTs will sell out. So, now that you’ve finished your NFTs, it’s time to get people interested in them.

The best product launch result is a quick sell-out. NFTs that sell out quickly attract headlines, pique the interest of NFT enthusiasts, and increase in value on the secondary market.

The market is incredibly dynamic, with so many NFTs to choose from and the ability for anyone to construct their own NFT, making NFT calendars essential for NFT projects and investors.

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