Chubby Cattle NFT 2024: Overview, Price and complete guide

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Chubby Cattle NFT

Chubby Cattle Nft International is the world’s first restaurant group to provide a digital dining membership based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology. Holders can convert a seemingly traditional membership into a tradable asset by breaking through the boundaries of typical NFTs. The restaurant club provides real-world perks such as priority bookings, special discounts, private events, and free food for life through a unique set of 8,888 NFTs.

Chubby Cattle NFT Overview

The Chubby Cattle restaurant business has launched ten locations around the United States, with ambitions to build 50 more in the next three years. Each restaurant offers an immersive dining experience that includes 5D light shows, robotic servers, and thematic soundscapes.

David Zhao, co-founder of Chubby Cattle, sees NFTs as a means to establish the ideal loyalty programme. “History is about to change forever,” Zhao predicts. “We are on the verge of a new frontier: minting non-art NFTs.” Your Chubby Cattle NFT is a transferable asset that provides real-world benefits across the country at all of our most interesting restaurant locations.”

NFT holders are among the first to receive digital dining memberships. Chubby Cattle’s first NFTs open the door to a whole new world of possibilities. Chubby Cattle pioneers the way people enjoy cuisine by combining diverse recipes with a new approach.

About Chubby Cattle International

Chubby Cattle International specialises in the development and management of technology-enabled food and beverage ventures. Chubby Cattle International has expanded to eleven locations across the United States since opening its first restaurant in 2015. Their founders, Haibin Yang and David Zhao, were named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 – Food & Drink List and are on course to make $50 million this year. Chubby Cattle International is motivated by a desire to be innovative.

The restaurant group is always breaking down barriers in order to present consumers with the most distinctive restaurant experience possible. Chubby Cattle International Hospitality Group’s brands include The X Pot (Las Vegas and Chicago), Wagyu House by The X Pot (Rowland Heights), Chubby Cattle (in 5 states and counting), Xtra Sweet (Las Vegas), and Niku X (Los Angeles). The group is looking to expand its footprint to a total of 30 locations in 2023

Chubby Cattle Price

The total sales volume for Chubby Cattle was $2.13k. The average Chubby Cattle NFT price was $1.1k.

The current Chubby Cattle floor price is ETH 0.11.

Chubby Cattle Market Cap.$131,264.68
N. of Owners491
Floor priceETH 0.11


  • Q1 2023- 2200 NFT
  • March 2023- Chubby Cattle Monterey Park, CA
  • April 2023- Hestia Charlotte, NC
  • July 2023- Chubby Cattle Chicago, IL
  • July 2023- Mikiya Shabu House Las Vegas, NV
  • August 2023– Chubby Cattle Las Vegas, NV
  • August 2023– Chubby Cattle Houston, TX
  • September 2023– Chubby Cattle Atlanta, GA
  • October 2023– Chubby Cattle Los Angeles (Little Tokyo), CA
  • November 2023– Chubby Cattle Rowland Heights, CA
  • February 2024– Chubby Cattle Houston, TX
  • April 2024– Niku X Las Vegas
  • April 2024– Chubby Cattle, Novi,MI
  • June 2024– Chubby Cattle San NYC

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What are the Chubby Cattle NFTs?

    They are a unique set of 8,888 NFTs that unlock a variety of benefits ranging from free food for life through priority reservations and private events.

  • How Long is my NFTs Valid for?

    As long as you are an NFT holder, the benefits are lifetime.

  • How do I redeem my NFT at the Restaurant?

    Please inform your server to redeem your NFT. You will have to present your NFT within your wallet and they will proceed to scan a QR code attached to your NFT, thus unlocking your benefit(s) of choice.

  • What was the most expensive Chubby Cattle sale?

    The most expensive Chubby Cattle NFT was sold for $22k on 2023-04-18

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