Ballerz NFT Price, Overview and 3 Things You Need to Know

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Ballerz NFT

Ballerz NFT Price, NFT Genius leverages groundbreaking, community-driven NFTs where fantasy and sport come together to give fans and collectors a unique opportunity to connect, play and celebrate their love of basketball. They provide Ballerz, an experience!

Ballerz NFT Price

Items – 10K

Owners – 3.5K

Floor Price – $95

Volume Traded – $12.3M

A basketball-inspired generative NFT living on the Flow blockchain

What is Ballerz NFT?

BALLERZ is one of the first Profile Picture (PFP) NFT projects on Flow Blockchain. Flow was the same space that brought us the NBA Top Shot and was the entry point for many into the NFT space. Flow has a big advantage over Ethereum and that is the elimination of gas fees. That’s right, the gas fee is zero when trading with Flow.

Ballerz NFT: 3 Things You Need to Know

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a project, not because of technology, art, or a potential quick flip. BALLERZ has brought me back to the most important part of an NFT project: the community. I’m optimistic about the community because the majority of The First Mint is Day One of this project and that’s how I first perceived it.

BALLERZ is the first of its kind in Flow and the drop worked as expected. There was insane demand for a limited supply of 10,000 pieces. Some of us were lucky enough to buy him 7 BALLERZ, while others were stuck in a line that seemed to never end.

Another amazing thing, apart from no gas bill, is that everything comes at a legal price. This makes it more realistic if you’re spending big bucks on NFTs.

Why am I so hype about the community?

I haven’t seen passionate and talented people showcasing the same project in years. Shortly after the release, the community started creating assets that brought us all closer together. The individual’s NFT stats were initially hidden from the public, but some members were able to identify this information and shared player stats, rarities and teams in public Google docs.

The team within the project is also a great aspect. People have more than one of his BALLERZ, but most of the time he only identifies one and that particular team. Each team created its own small community within the larger community.

These teams created their starting rosters, rotations, team logos, and a self-made ‘support your team’ poll on Twitter that generated a lot of engagement. Fan-generated content is king in the NFT space.

The future possibilities

BALLERZ is a gateway away from Top Shot and into more ‘regular’ NFTs. The ability to buy on using the Dapper wallet could lure people who were lucky enough to buy a handful of packs to profit, turn around and bring money to his BALLERZ . As of September 2021, Top Shot has over 1.1 million registered accounts, while BALLERZ PFP only has 10,000.

His connections with Dapper Labs, creator of the Flow blockchain, and his NBA also lead to endless possibilities for this project. Dapper’s Roham and Dallas Mavericks’ Mark Cuban both used caricatures for his BALLERZ that were included in the drop. Future opportunities in the NBA could help BALLERZ become a first-flow PFP.

All this while the market is not yet open. That’s part of what makes it so crazy to me, the project has generated so much hype and intrigue from outsiders without people even being able to trade.Like any new NFT project , there’s a good chance we’ll see some big price swings early on, but given the amount of activity we’re seeing on Twitter and Discord, I think some people are ready to jump right in. Board!


Utility with Web2 and Web3, real-world experience, gameplay that leverages BALLER’s unique attributes, community for both owners and non-owners, and access to future collections. It’s time to take your place in this basketball-inspired world, create your own game, and become a legend.


BALLERZ is a sports universe that is just beginning to expand. Here are some of the experiences, collaborations and partnerships we already offer. Check here for the latest information.

Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice, I hold a bunch of BALLERZ and will likely be an active player in the marketplace when it opens up. The NFT and Cryptocurrency markets are very volatile. Please don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose. Always do your own research before investing.


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