Loaded Lions NFT 2023 – Price, Overview and Details

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Loaded Lions NFT

Crypto.com NFT is excited to present The Loaded Lions NFT, its first PFP (profile picture) collection. The release is the first native platform-owned PFP project in the NFT space.

The collection contains 10,000 algorithmically generated “Loaded Lion” NFTs, some of which are rarer than others and a few of which are legendary. Our talented creative team hand draws each and every trait.

Loaded Lions NFT Price

Floor Price$1.9K(AUCTION) $1.7K (BUY NOW)
Volume Traded$50.7M

Loaded Lions NFT Overview

“Loaded Lions” is the first NFT platform-owned profile picture (PFP) project, consisting of 10,000 unique, algorithmically-generated PFPs. The Loaded Lions are a brave and courageous group who live life to the fullest. Each Loaded Lion comes with a key to The Mane Net, a private club for “Loaded Lion” NFT collectors.

The collection includes 10,000 algorithmically-generated “Loaded Lion” NFTs; some are rarer than others, with a few that are legendary. Every single trait is hand drawn by our talented creative team.

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1-100 = 0.01 ETH

100-1000 = 0.02 ETH

1000-2000 = 0.03 ETH

2000-3000 = 0.04 ETH

3000-4000 = 0.06 ETH

4000-5000 = 0.08 ETH

6000-7000 = 0.1 ETH

8000-9000 = 0.2 ETH

9000-10000 = 0.4 ETH

The Mane Net

loaded lions nft
loaded lions nft

All “Loaded Lion” NFT collectors have exclusive access to The Mane Net. Mane Netizens enjoy tantalising benefits as members of this exclusive community, such as VIP experiences, one-of-a-kind giveaways, and priority access to selected Crypto.com NFT drops. Join the pride and rule the NFT jungle right now. Follow the latest Loaded Lions news on our social media pages.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are Loaded Lions NFT?

“Loaded Lions” is the very first platform-owned profile picture (PFP) project launched in the NFT space, consisting of 10,000 unique, algorithmically-generated PFPs.

How many Crypto Loaded Lions NFT Club tokens exist?

In total there are 10,000 Crypto Loaded Lions Club NFTs. Currently 5 owners have at least one Crypto Loaded Lions Club NTF in their wallet.

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