Lazy Bunny NFT 2023: Price, Overview and Details

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Lazy Bunny NFT

Lazy Bunny NFT, Some people are talking about a new kind of cryptocurrency called NFTs. We don’t know much about it yet, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for more information.

NFTs (non-fiat currencies) were popular in the United States before, but they’re now popular in Canada and the United Kingdom as well as India. Recently, a special event was announced called the “NFT Lazy Bunny.” If you’re interested in joining it, you can read more about it here.

What is Lazy Bunny NFT – Overview?

In the fall of 2017, a group of children set off a wildfire that destroyed nearly all of the rabbits living at Lazy Bunnies Preserve. In order to find a new home and remain together, the rabbits made their journey to larger cities. However, this did not seem to be an option for many of them. So, Lazy Bunnies created a fund in order to buy rabbits new homes in other parts of the country.

The Lazy Bunny NFT is an experimental blockchain technology that allows users to store data securely and efficiently using the blockchain. The technology was created by the Lazy Bunny team as a way to improve the way data is stored and managed. The Lazy Bunny NFT is an innovative way to store data on the blockchain. It uses a layered architecture that allows files to be stored on the blockchain in a way that is both secure and efficient. The Lazy Bunny NFT is unique in that it allows users to control who can access their data and how it is used. The Lazy Bunny NFT is an interesting new blockchain technology that could improve the way data is stored and managed. It is unique in that it allows users to control who can access their data and how it is used.

Lazy Bunny NFT Price

The total sales volume for Lazy Bunny NFT was $770.99. The average price of one Lazy Bunny NFT was $59.3. There are 3,018 Lazy Bunny NFT owners, owning a total supply of 5,555 tokens.

Specifications of lazy Bunny NFT :

  • Five thousand five hundred fifty-five Lazy Bunnies in all
  • The lazy Bunny costs 0.055 ETC per unit
  • The quantity that is pre-sale is 555.
  • ERC-721 is the smart contract type.
  • 77 distinct hand-drawn characteristics

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Features in Lazy bunny NFT

Lazy Bunny NFT
Lazy Bunny NFT
  • Five Ethereums will be awarded on our discord and Twitter as part of a campaign.
  • NFTs will be given to those who are the most active members of Discord. Discord community.
  • The community is the one who decides what they will do with the community’s wallet, which gets 50% of purchases made through secondary channels.
  • At 0.055 Ethereum per Lazy Bunny, it’s a price that is clear and affordable.

How rare Is Lazy Bunny NFT?

Every characteristic in Lazy Bunny was drawn with care as we created only five555 characters, every one is unique in its own one of a kind. To keep the story moving We’ve decided to keep the amount of unique traits in each of the trait categories for the moment.

Unique Features of the Lazy Bunny NFT

As you already realize the fact that Lazy Bunny- NFT is a cryptocurrency that is unique and you’ll be amazed to learn about its unique features. Some of the most rare features of NFT’s Lazy Bunny‘s features are as follows:

  • Backgrounds: 17
  • Clothes: 22
  • Ear Rings Ear Rings
  • Eyes: 10
  • Eyewear: 07
  • Hats: 16
  • Mouths: 15
  • Skins: 22

Lazy Bunny NFT Roadmap


  •  2.5 ETH distributed between 10 discord giveaway winners. Top 3 get bigger amounts.
  •  2 ETH distributed between 5 winners from our pinned twitter status.
  •  Airdrop 20 NFT’s to top 10 most engaged members in our discord community.
  •  Re-investing funds from pre-sale into marketing to create hype for public mint.
  •  Listing on Rarity Tools and other NFT calenders.


  • 5 ETH will be given away to 5 lucky Lazy Bunny holders. 1 ETH for each winner.
  • 10 Lazy Bunny NFT’s will be given out to 10 random holders.
  •  Ramp up marketing efforts.


  • Creation of community wallet.
  •  Top up community wallet with 5 ETH.


  • 10 Lazy Bunny NFT’s for 5 lucky winners from holders.


  • Creation of private channel on discord for holders only.
  • Mega 10 ETH giveaway to 3 randomly selected holders.
  • 5 ETH loaded into community wallet.
  • $1000 giveaway every week for 1 year for holders.
  • Funds from community wallet will be used as community sees fit.
  • Every holder will receive 1 NFT each from our next project (integrated into METAVERSE) which will be announced to holders only in our discord.
  • We buy Land in MetaVerse (Sandbox Game) near BAYC and Atari and build Lazy Bunny Hole on it.

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Through the lazy Bunny NFT it is possible to even be whitelisted meaning you get a lower gas cost in comparison to the public minting. If you know more information that you think are useful, please send them to us.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

How many Lazy Bunny NFT tokens exist?

In total there are 5,555 Lazy Bunny NFTs. Currently 3,018 owners have at least one Lazy Bunny NTF in their wallet.

What was the most expensive Lazy Bunny NFT sale?

The most expensive Lazy Bunny NFT sold was #2863. It was sold for $146.5 on 2022-11-19

How many Lazy Bunny NFT were sold recently?

There were 74 Lazy Bunny NFTs sold in the last 30 days.

How much does a Lazy Bunny NFT cost?

The cheapest Lazy Bunny NFT sales were below $42, and the highest sales were for over $115. The median price for a Lazy Bunny NFT was $64.

How do I purchase Lazy Bunny- NFT?

NFT refers to non-fungible tokens. It is only yours to keep as a unique digital asset that you could later sell for profits. Lazy Bunny NFT can only be bought with Ethereum that can be acquired through on-ramps such as Coinbase as well as PayPal. You can transfer your Ethereum through MetaMask and then purchase NFT at the beginning.

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