Trump NFT 2024: Price, Trading Cards and Overview

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Trump NFT

Trump NFT, Former US President Donald Trump made headlines again in December 2022 when he released his own NFT trading cards. Despite initial outrage and a subsequent dip in trading volume, the value of Trump’s digital collectibles has risen once more, thanks in part to his probable return to social media and a 2024 presidential candidacy.

In this blog article, we will provide an overview of Trump NFT collection, including its usability, floor price, current value, and future price forecasts. We’ll also look at what’s causing the recent spike in interest and activity in these contentious collectibles.

Trump NFT Overview

Trump NFT is limited edition digital trading cards that exist on the Polygon blockchain and may be traded on the OpenSea NFT Marketplace. They are essentially digital trading cards (similar to Baseball or Pokemon Cards) that may be collected, accumulated, and exchanged, with each card having a unique identifier that validates authenticity and ownership.

Trump NFT Price

Trump NFTs were first sold for $99 each, but have since sold out and are now only available through secondary NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. Trump NFTs now have a floor price of 0.5 ETH, which is comparable to $780 USD based on current market pricing. The complete collection of over 45,000 Trump NFTs is valued at a whopping $33,750,000.

Trump NFT Trading Cards

Trump Digital Trading Cards is a collection of 45,000 collectible NFTs celebrating Donald Trump’s life and career on the Polygon network. The collection comprises artwork by award-winning illustrator Clark Mitchell and is the first digital collectable authorized by Donald Trump.

Every Trump Trading Card purchased enrolled the buyer in the Trump Sweepstakes, which offered over 1,000 prizes. Holders are eligible to win prizes such as an in-person dinner with Donald Trump, golf with Trump, and other in-person events. Every purchaser of 45 Trump Digital Trading Cards received a guaranteed ticket to dinner with Donald.

What are the Sweepstakes in Trading Cards?

Trump NFT
Trump NFT

The sweepstakes are an added bonus to the Trump Digital Trading Card (NFT) set. Each purchase of a Digital Trading Card (NFT) instantly enters the customer into a sweepstakes for a chance to win different prizes, including the chance to meet and spend time with Donald Trump himself.

There is no purchase required to enter the sweepstakes, and there are thousands of prizes available, including a Miami Dinner with Donald Trump, a Mar-A-Lago Group Cocktail Hour, a One-on-One Meeting with #45, a Round of Golf with Trump and Your Friends, an Individual Zoom Call with Donald, a Group Zoom Session with #45, Hand-Signed Memorabilia, and Golden Edition Signed E-Trading Cards.

Trump NFT Future Price Predictions

Trump NFTs, like any collectible object, are difficult to estimate the exact future price. It is safe to assume, however, that their worth will remain inextricably linked to Trump’s political and public relevance. In other words, if Trump becomes more politically engaged or relevant, demand for his NFTs will rise, increasing their value. However, if Trump sinks into obscurity or loses political relevance, the value of his NFTs may fall.

Furthermore, the possibility of Trump winning the next presidential election may have an impact on the value of his NFTs. If he is regarded a viable candidate, his NFTs may receive more demand from his followers, increasing their value. In contrast, if he is not considered a viable candidate, it could see decreased demand, driving down their value.

Final Line

In short, Trump NFTs are limited edition digital trading cards that may be traded on the OpenSea NFT Marketplace and are available on the Polygon blockchain. Trump NFTs have a floor price of 0.5 ETH, which is worth $780 USD, and the total collection is worth $33,750,000. The sweepstakes provide participants the opportunity to win a variety of prizes, including the opportunity to meet and spend time with Donald Trump. Trump NFTs’ value is projected to be directly linked to Trump’s political and popular importance, and the chance of him winning the next presidential election may effect their worth.

credit – Al Jazeera English (Youtube channel)

FAQ of Trump NFT

  • What is a Trump Digital Trading Card?

    Some people call these NFTs because each Trump Digital Trading Card has a unique identifier that cannot be copied, is recorded on a blockchain, and can be used to certify authenticity as well as ownership.

  • How much do the Digital Trading Cards cost?

    Each Trump Digital Trading Card costs $99 USD, plus a small transaction charge for interacting with the Polygon blockchain. This is usually referred to as a “gas fee.” Depending on where you live, you may be charged sales tax on your purchase.

  • Can I buy Trump Digital Trading Cards with my credit card?

    Yes, you can buy Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards with your credit card! You can only use one credit card to make a purchase.

  • Can I buy Trump Digital Trading Cards with cryptocurrency?

    Absolutely. You can buy your Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards with Wrapped Ether. (WETH)

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